The first wedding I attended as an adult was when I was a in sophomore at Texas State University. The only thing that I remember about that wedding was that they ran out of food, and I had nowhere to sit. I was the guest of a bridal party member, and didn't know anyone else. Almost ten years later, that is the memory that stands out in my mind. As a bride, it is easy to overlook important details because you have a lot going on at one time, so extra help is crucial; a guest will see and experience things that you do not.

After graduation in 2003, my first "real job" was working at IBM assisting with client events and meetings by day. By night, I was feverishly building Forte Weddings. I left the corporate world after two years to work with a caterer as their exclusive planner, eventually leading to a position at a major Texas resort hotel planning weddings and social events.

In 2007 I decided that I still wanted to pursue my educational goals, so I went back to school and graduated with my Master's degree in technical communication in 2009.  However, I couldn't stay away from the industry completely. As a student, I launched Haute Cakes - Couture Desserts, specializing in custom-designed wedding and party cakes. I've always enjoyed baking and sweets (as well as French fries, shoes, and  manicures) so it was an easy transition.

As your personal wedding planner, my goal is plan your event in a professional manner, using the same techniques as in the corporate world, yet ensuring that every element is personalized to you and what you want for your wedding. I will also help you avoid problems like not having enough food, and making sure every guest has a seat!

That single event sparked my interest in the event planning and wedding industries, and is what motivates me to make every event appear flawless.  I hope I can do the same for you!

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